Cover design by: Jorge Santiago
Delivering O2 and Nutrients: Exploring science through games and play for learning
We want to simulate the journey of blood through the various vessels in the human circulatory system. Our learning playground aims to teach kids the role of blood in the body, the importance of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and the function of the heart and the lungs.
The high end goal of this project is to help learners gain a better understanding of the role of blood inside their bodies. We are interested in learning the biggest misconceptions learners have about the circulatory system and changing their beliefs through the learning playground.
The experience begins with learners picking up oxygen in the lungs, entering the left side of the heart, traveling through the aortic valve and into the capillaries to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, traveling up the veins and into the right side of the heart, leaving the heart and traveling through the pulmonary valve and into the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen and thus resuming their journey all over again.
The future goal of this project is to incorporate a more dynamic group experience that challenges and motivates children to explore various biological elements of the human body.
What we are looking for is to create an intrinsic learning experience that affects and impacts long-term memory recall and fosters actual learning. 
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